Thursday, June 08, 2006

Countdown to the World Cup!

Things are certainly brightening up here! Only 3 more weeks to go till I stop working, summer has finally arrived, and the Football World Cup is starting tomorrow! It's incredible to see it on the ground. I am following the preparations very vividly since my hotel in Munich is one of the hotels selected by FIFA officials for their stays (yes, players would be even better... but it's a nice start!). Yesterday morning for breakfast I was seated between representatives from Uganda, Tahiti, India, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar... you name it! Great atmosphere in the hotel lobby and lounges, different from the usual mix of pale consultants and business travelers!

But things are getting better. As you might have heard, it was impossible to get tickets for the championship (30 million orders for only 3 million tickets!), but lots of events are planned to keep those who are left out happy. My company has invited 60 of us to watch the Germany-Costa Rica match live on a big screen in this nice venue at the Hamburg harbour (champagne and canapes included), and on Saturday Argentina is playing Ivory Coast in my home town Hamburg, how great is that? I don't have tickets but there are tons of public places with huge screens, and I'm sure the African and South American population of Hamburg will ensure a great party.

So this blog might be redirected a little bit, over the next weeks it might be more of a World Cup and summer and holiday blog rather than an MBA blog! Now I need to rush down to the taxi to bring me to the airport, back home finally!

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RusGirl said...

I believe that if you'll write about football your blog will become even more popular! :)