Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another 2008 blogger!

It is quite incredible how many of the class of 2008 are already blogging, the MBA hasn't even started yet! I want to welcome a new classmate of ours, Karlitos from Barcelona, to the group of 2008 bloggers! The picture does not show him obviously ;-), just a random person on the Ramblas who I managed to take a photograph of during my Christmas vacation in Spain :-).

I am also trying to set up a get together of admits in Munich for mid June, let me know if any of you are around at the time of the football world cup!

Apart from that, I want to congratulate all the London Business School students who won the trophy at the MBA Olympics "MBAT" at HEC in Paris this weekend, I'm proud of you! Even the FT was proud enough to mention our sporting heroes!

Other than that, time is passing fast, little over four more weeks to go at work and there are lots of public holidays upcoming, my mood is slowly becoming enthusiastic (it seems like my mood is eerily synchronized with Al's)!
Update from June 5th: in recent days, two more 2008 blogs have sprung up (at this rate half of the class will be blogging by September!). I want to welcome VJ from Amsterdam and Jorge & Dani from Sao Paolo to the LBS blogging community! Thanks to Patxi for the very appropriate logo on the left!


Benny said...

Munich... hum... I wish I was there! I had a great time there in the past.

Summer, Bier and World Cup... Almost perfect!!!

karlitos said...


thanks a ton for the link and the welcome!! It's great to be already in touch with so many of you, fellow LBSers....

see you soon!


Patxi said...

I am very glad you put my logo on your web :D

I'm proud you enjoy it!

Pirate said...

Thanks for the welcome. Have you seen this blog earlier???
Quite something..

angie said...

hey VJ, yeah I have seen it, quite interesting. To be honest, as soon as we read more and are on campus I'm sure we'll find out who it is. Pretty funny so far.

Al Martine said...

Glad things are going well.

So can you play basketball? Always use a few more ladies on the basketball team. :)


angie said...

hi al! unfortunately I can't really play basket ball. Didn't you notice at the admits weekend I'm very small? Basketball is very frustrating for me, there is always some taller guy catching the ball before it reaches my heights :-(. I'll definitely join some other teams though :-).