Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup Update

Those Argentinians sure know how to party! I had a great time in the city centre of Hamburg today. It was flooded with hundred of Argentinians, singing and dancing very cheerfully and peacefully. The day was beautiful and very sunny, it couldn't have been better. I think those guys had a great time. Check out the pictures, Hamburg was certainly white and blue today!

Interestingly, just when I was going home it turned out they were picking up the Argentinian team from the Park Hyatt Hotel, which happens to be the place I had my LBS admissions interview at. This time though, no admission for me, it was all sealed off by police :-). I knew the match would be spectacular, simply because Argentina and Cote d'Ivoire are two great teams with very active fans but I couldn't get any tickets. My sister and her husband were there, but not everybody gets lucky. At least I had a very good time watching the Argentinian fans today.

To be honest, I felt a bit sorry for the Cote d'Ivoriens, they were certainly in the minority today. I was hoping they would win the match today, simply because they were the underdogs, but it couldn't be. Now, the big question is, will they beat the Netherlands next week and still make it to the next round?

The inauguration match Germany - Costa Rica on Friday was also quite something, people were celebrating as if it was the final. It was interesting to see how many German flags were on display. Is Germany finally becoming a "normal country"?


Patxi said...

Hi FußballFrau!

I see you are really engaged in the WorldCup. Living in Germany, maybe you have no other option right now ;)

I plan on arriving to London on the 1st week of August and start flathunting.

The weeks in between, well, some travelling, but we have not decided on what to do yet.



mbayisyen said...

The fishmarket was completely packed! wow! I wish Cote D' Ivoire had won too since I usually go for the underdogs and I never really supported Argentina in the past. At least, Cote D' Ivoire scored!

angie said...

Patxi, yeah everybody is going crazy here. Even my 55 year old aunt is wearing a necklace showing black-red-golden football shoes :-). All the cars have flags and you should see the balconies in the Portuguese quarter of Hamburg, lots of fun. But I've always loved the World Cup, everybody is in a good mood and nobody works hard :-).

MBAyisysen, yeah it was indeed packed. Best place to watch it though is Heiligengeistfeld (near the St Pauli stadium) because it's open air, while Fischmarkt is under a roof, it gets very hot, especially these days.

Benny said...

I had better expectations from you.
Choose your friends wisely...
argentineans?? arghhhh!!!
Send them back home!