Monday, October 03, 2011

back at London Business School tonight!

I am excited to be going back on campus tonight for the launch of the Women in Business club at London Business School! I can't wait meet the MBA class of 2013 (oh my God, five years have passed since I started my MBA!!!) and see what their dreams and aspirations are. If you are there, give me a shout!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

projects i'm working on right now -McKinsey book coming soon (hopefully!!!)

hi all - it keeps on amazing me how many visitors this blog still has! i am glad the content on McKinsey, hedge funds, trading, interviewing and life at London Business School is still useful for many people - at least I know I didn't waste my time blogging (I knew anyway since I won the ipod for the best MBA blog in 2006, the ipod still works by the way :-) - thanks!!!

I remembered this blog yesterday when I was filling in the FT Alumni Survey about my MBA at London Business School, hopefully we will be again number 1!

I told you to watch this space, and much more time than I expected has passed and I am still nowhere near where I wanted to be on my projects. Life has been busy. The markets are crazy. Not crazy, but volatile. I have a new website for women in business, it doesn't have much content yet but I am hoping to add a lot more over the next couple of weeks. The address is - check it out! I am working on writing several books actually. One is my McKinsey diaries combined with lessons learnt (you could say "how not to do it at McKinsey ;-) ), and another one is on my life in trading during the financial crisis - the problem is it is a never ending story :-). I was thinking of finding a publisher and all these things but have now decided to just design ebooks myself and self-market them eventually, there is so much for me to learn! I can't wait to finish them, I enjoy writing so much and blogging has always been fun but it would be great to publish a couple of books. I wish I had more time.

I am hoping to let you know soon once the McKinsey book is finished. Leave a comment here if you are interested - maybe I could have some of the readers of this blog to get a free preview of the book and let me know what you think about it?

Hope you're all well!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

watch this space

Hi all. Haven't posted in a LOOOOONG time, I know. You can see trading really is a full-time job. A lot of my MBA classmates have switched jobs and countries by now but I am still in London, still trading away :-). I was just checking and realised that there is still a pretty decent stream of visitors to this blog, I am amazed. Unfortunately a lot of the comment sections have become hijacked by spam so I need to enable comment moderation again and delete a lot of spam.

anyway, I just wanted to say I am finally working on something new and hope you will watch this space. It will be something completely separate, but very much related (remember my original "about me" was about finding money and happiness, and these are still very much aspirations I follow and I think a lot of readers strive for. It may take a month or two or three till I can share a new link, but I just wanted to say watch this space, angel angie is alive and kicking.