Wednesday, September 21, 2011

projects i'm working on right now -McKinsey book coming soon (hopefully!!!)

hi all - it keeps on amazing me how many visitors this blog still has! i am glad the content on McKinsey, hedge funds, trading, interviewing and life at London Business School is still useful for many people - at least I know I didn't waste my time blogging (I knew anyway since I won the ipod for the best MBA blog in 2006, the ipod still works by the way :-) - thanks!!!

I remembered this blog yesterday when I was filling in the FT Alumni Survey about my MBA at London Business School, hopefully we will be again number 1!

I told you to watch this space, and much more time than I expected has passed and I am still nowhere near where I wanted to be on my projects. Life has been busy. The markets are crazy. Not crazy, but volatile. I have a new website for women in business, it doesn't have much content yet but I am hoping to add a lot more over the next couple of weeks. The address is - check it out! I am working on writing several books actually. One is my McKinsey diaries combined with lessons learnt (you could say "how not to do it at McKinsey ;-) ), and another one is on my life in trading during the financial crisis - the problem is it is a never ending story :-). I was thinking of finding a publisher and all these things but have now decided to just design ebooks myself and self-market them eventually, there is so much for me to learn! I can't wait to finish them, I enjoy writing so much and blogging has always been fun but it would be great to publish a couple of books. I wish I had more time.

I am hoping to let you know soon once the McKinsey book is finished. Leave a comment here if you are interested - maybe I could have some of the readers of this blog to get a free preview of the book and let me know what you think about it?

Hope you're all well!