Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Stream of great news!

After a relaxing weekend watching world cup matches and lying in the sun, I'm back at work in Munich for the final 3 weeks of my consulting life. So far, this week has been surprisingly excellent.
  • I have been promoted with a 50% salary increase (which unfortunately I'll only enjoy in July since I'm leaving for the MBA in August)
  • I have been offered a contract to return as a Senior Associate after my MBA (as some of you might know, my inclination to sign it is quite low, but it's still nice to have it in my pockets)
  • I just received a call that I won the scholarship I applied for, relieving me of big financial worries (at least for the first year ;-) ). Thanks again to those who gave me advice for the application essay!
There's still one piece of news I am waiting for, which hopefully will also be good, but apart from that this week proves to be excellent. Now Germany needs to win tomorrow and we're all set!

On the holiday front, based on advice from Benny and others I've decided to go on two trips in July, one to San Sebastian (Spain) to spend a few days on the beach and another one hiking in Switzerland. I dropped the Portugal option because I used to go to the Basque Country many times and somehow I missed going to San Sebastian, it's such a beautiful place, so bye Portugal but hello Basque Country!


Forrest Gump said...

awesome stuff. Congratulations.

Moe said...

Congrats! Awesome news!

Wheels said...

Fantastic news! It will be hard to top that week.

Pirate said...

I somehow knew you would win this scholarship. Too strong a candidature:).
It feels good to have the option of being able to return and to be valued.
Anyways, as for switzerland if you go the grindelwald region do take a boat ride in interlaken as well. Pretty closeby and very relaxing.

Marina said...


Venturello said...

Congratulations from another normally silent reader. Wish I had the same luck, its great to have that GREAT option for the end of the program (ignore if its what you want, but a consulting position is something I would love to try).

Good luck, enjoy these months of rest!

Benny said...

congratulations on your scholarship.
And enjoy your trip.

Don´t get too excited about the world-cup. The cup has already an owner.... (guess who)

angie said...

Thanks everyone! I'm also very happy!

Benny: after watching the game last night, I'm not so sure the owner of the cup is the one you're thinking of!!

mbayisyen said...

when it rains it pours!

RusGirl said...

Great news!!!
Congratulations on the scholarship and job offer ;) If will be easy for you to search when you have such a strong back-up behind.

Benny said...

we are only warming up.

To know the future, check my last post:


KV said...

Congrats girl! I'll see you at the scholarship reception when you get to school.

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