Friday, June 23, 2006

The class of 2008 is complete - almost!

Just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to all the R4 admits and all the waitlisted candidates who have moved off the waiting list right into the class of 2008 until now! I hope all of you end up coming to London Business School!

So it seems the class of 2008 is almost complete now! I guess some of the admits will still end up going to other schools - which will be good for some of the waitlisted candidates who can still move up over the next weeks.

And then surely we'll see each other in August! There's not much time left now. Monday will be the last day (in my life?) that I'm flying away at 6am in the morning, the last week of sleeping alone in a hotel, and most importantly, the last week of WORK! So it's time to enjoy the weekend now and gain some strength for that last week :-). Hope all the recent admits will party too over the weekend!


Guillaume said...

Hi Angel Angie,

It was nice seeing you last Monday at the beer garden.

I've just checked the portals directory, and with the R4 admits and several waitlisted confirmed we are now 390 MBA2008 Students! I know some will decide to go somewhere else, but I must say that's more than I expected!

Welcome to all the new Admits and see you all in August!

angie said...

hi guillaume, number is down to 337 already and I know several people who are still listed there who are definitely going to INSEAD instead. so I guess it will go down further over the next week, and then we have a clear picture of who our classmates are going to be :-). Female share is up to 28%, a pretty big jump!