Wednesday, May 03, 2006

LBS admissions statistics

R2 admits had to pay their commitment fee last week so now I can share the new yield and class of 2008 statistics.

I had mentioned in a previous post that yield in R1 was around 75%. In R2, yield was only 59%. I guess those who apply in R1 are the very very eager and loyal ones (like me :-) ), I really wanted to go only to LBS). So now overall 360 offers have been extended and 234 have paid the commitment fee (overall yield 65%).

There are now at least 70 spots left, and I'm sure some people won't pay their reservation fee in June so there might be 80-90 spots still left for R3 and R4 applicants. This is pretty encouraging, isn't it?

Female share is down to 26%, which is better than in recent years but less than it was among the total group of admits, so yield was lower for female students for some reason.

R3 offers will be extended soon and then more people will join the portal and also attend admits weekend. I can't wait to meet everyone!


Forrest Gump said...

ahh, i seriously should have applied this year, although i think those numbers present a brighter picture than one which is actually there...after all- LBS is pretty selective in who it inspite of the open spaces, entry level criteria probably might not be compromised a hell lot - isnt it ?

Tutuca said...

Dear Angel Angie,

do you know how many fulltime students LBS admists per year?

Did you get an admission e-mail on the day of the deadline or before?

Cheers Manatis

angie said...

Forrest Gump, you're right, empty spaces don't mean much if you don't know the number and quality of applicants in that round. It is just positive because there were fears on the business week forum that only 40-60 spaces were left and it seems there are some more.

I think it is flexible somewhere between 295 and 320 I guess.

I got the e-mail the night before the deadline, if you're in Asia you receiveive it on the morning of the stated date and in the US a day early. That's how it was in R1 and R2.

Angreal said...

Thanks AngelAngie for the info.

That means another 3 days before I get an answer... Wish I knew how many were interviewed, maybe that could help stress less... or maybe not... Anyways we'll see in 3 days!

futureguru said...

Thanks for the great post on the consulting life-style. How do you manage to keep up your energy levels? Any insider tips? ;)

angie said...

Futureguru, it's very easy, i just don't :-). Energy levels are very low on Mondays and then go downhill from there till Friday. Saturday and Sunday I recover and Monday they go down again. Stress and pressure help to keep them up a little bit during the week as well ;-).

Anonymous said...

lbs rocks!?! -- they have made students wait for over 2 months over a decision without giving due consideration to what students must be going through -- if you are on a wait list for more than 2 months ull understand the agony that an applicant goes through!