Monday, July 03, 2006

Still homeless

Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding flat accommodation at International Students House. Due to the enormous demand, I am afraid that we are unable to help you at the present time. As our tenants need only give 1 month notice before departing, we tend to accommodate married couples at the last moment. Please e-mail me should you want to be considered for a flat at a later time and thereafter, we will put you on our waiting list.

Kind Regards

Dean/Director of Student Services

I had hoped for a little flat in student accomodation to avoid the hassle of flat search in London but it seems we've been unlucky. So I guess we'll do the whole flathunter's pub crawl and hope to find some flatmates there. I like the idea of renting a little house or a big apartment along with four people or so , enjoy a big kitchen and living room close to school. After living in a 70 sqm flat for the last two years, I would find it quite depressing to live in a little dark overpriced studio. So I hope 2 weeks in August of intensive flat search will be enough to find a nice big flat and nice flat mates :-).

Thanks to Jorge Felippe and Divine Miss N for posting such helpful flathunting advice! It is very much needed.


Marina said...

I am homeless as well with less then two months to go!

Pirate said...

Best wishes. After living in a comfortable house for the last 18 months i can share your despair.
However, if the partner is working, with a 8-5 schedule, the student life may inflict a strain on him/her. Just another aspect of accommodation.