Thursday, July 13, 2006

Back from San Sebastian

We're back from an extended weekend in San Sebastian and I want to post some pictures of this lovely town in Northern Spain...

It was great from the start. I had booked the lovely Hotel Maria Cristina which luckily belongs to the Starwood chain, so I could redeem my points gained from living for months and months of my consulting life at Sheraton hotels for a lovely stay at this great hotel in San Sebastian. When we came, we were upgraded to a suite with ocean view and received a bottle of Rioja Reserva as a gift, nice! This was the view from our balcony:

Since we arrived in the evening, it was too late to go swimming so we decided to check out San Sebastian's culinary splendour. San Sebastian is famous for its pintxos (I think in Madrid they call them canap├ęs) and I heard somewhere its old town has the highest concentration of bars per square meter in the world (also helped by the fact that the bars are very small I guess!)

Apart from eating lots and lots of pintxos and fresh fish, we spent a lot of time on the beach, jumping up and down in the waves, it was lots of fun.

Then we had to head back to Bilbao to catch our plane there. We still had an evening to spend there. They had some excellent exhibitions in the Guggenheim Museum (one on Russian art, one on experessionist painter Max Beckmann), but we didn't enter, I've already been there three or four times, and we preferred to stroll around the city, which is getting more and more stylish every time I go there.

Now I'm back home and need to get packing! I'm moving out of my flat next week, will go to Switzerland for two weeks and then head to London right in time for the flathunters' pub crawl. Luckily, Carlos and Patxi have been well organized and have prepared to do lists of all the things I need to think about when moving out, so all I need to do now is cross off these items from the to do list (almost seems like I'm back at work!) and head to London!


Patxi said...

San Sebastian in Hotel Maria Cristina. That is luxury. You both look great on the pictures, and the pinchos look even better!

Ok, I cannot complain: My friends in Lima brought me to the best restaurants in towm (La Gloria, amazing), but those pinchitos go straight to my half basque soul...

I am glad you enjoyed your stay.

See you soon,


Benny said...

Hi Angie.
Yes... i am interested in working in europe latter. I have the german citizenship and always wanted to work in Germany or England. Let´s see what the future keeps for me.

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Hope you like it.

Marina said...

Those photos are amazing and now I am hungry. I actually haven't gotten very far into Never Let Me Go so I am still a bit confused about all the happenings. I'll definitely let you know what I thin kabout it once I am done :)

Do you have a place to live in London yet?