Sunday, May 11, 2008

London Business School wins hattrick in Paris

We won in 2006, we won in 2007, and we won again this weekend! London Business School rules European sports! We won the MBAT tournament of the top 15 European business schools for a third time this weekend!

I couldn't go this time, so thanks to Rusgirl for texting me from Paris. She won Rugby and Swimming, so congratulations to all the MBAs and Masters in Finance student who fought for the trophy once again! We are proud of you!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,

I'm applying for the DB scholarship this year...noticed your post on it a while ago...wondering if you have any pointers that I could consider. I thought of focusing on maintaining profitability in light of the sub prime and regulatory environment and revenue from emerging markets, consolidation. Any thoughts would be helpful!

Anonymous said...

Hi angie,

I noticed your post on the Db scholarship last year...I will be applying for the scholarship for entry this year. Was wondering if you might have any pointers. I thought of focusing on maintaining profitability in an increasingly regulated environment, more revenue from developing countries and consolidation in fragmented markets

Any thoughts would be helpful!