Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Israel trip

The MBA is drawing to a close - we will graduate in little more than 5 weeks - and I have saved the best for the end. I have just come back from one of the most amazing experiences of my MBA - a trip to Israel organised by some of my fellow students. There have been many trips organised from students for their classmates - to South Africa, Japan, India etc.. Though I had plans to go on most of them before the MBA, once here I realised there was very little time and also the trips were expensive. So finally I made it to one trip to a country that I had wanted to visit for many years but always felt afraid to visit due to the security situation and the tensions there. I am so glad I was able to go with the school trip because it is just a beautiful and very inspiring place. See for yourselves, here are some of my pictures from the trip:

Amazing Jerusalem

Walking on the Sea of Galilea

Hiking in the Negev desert


The Dead Sea

Tel Aviv

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Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,

I really enjoy reading your blog, especially from my Blackberry in the hotel room..
I started with McK 9 months ago..
The thoughts and feelings about consultant life you described are so close to mine in this period...
I'm not sure I can stand all this one more year though...

Keep writing,