Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Teaching yourself programming for financial modeling

In preparation for my trading (or structuring) job, I have decided to finally learn programming. In case there are people out there also considering to learn programming for financial modeling, I have started a separate blog

C++ for financial modeling

I intend to keep it as a sort of diary to document how to teach oneself programming, and to discuss the roadblocks on the way. I have wanted to learn programming for a long time and have realized that the main reason I never did it was lack of self confidence and doubts about lots of things. I think I have finally overcome these doubts and hope I can encourage others who have been shy or hesitant about learning programming. My main learning from today is that it is really nothing mysterious once you get started, so I cannot believe it has taken me so many years to get started. But I will keep all this in a separate blog, since it is of no interest to most of my readers.

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the being said...

ahhh, programming! miss it now... sigh.