Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Read the Gloom Boom Doom blog for sales & trading interviews

Interviews for summer jobs are coming up, and I have talked to some MBA2009s concerned that they still don't have an opinion on the market or much overview of how to understand the markets despite reading the FT for the last months. I strongly recommend Marc Faber's blog "The Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report", which gives a very independent and insightful view on the direction of the markets. Journalists can be short sighted and like to regurgitate consensus opinion rather than give insights, so it is good to have an investor with excellent writing skills covering the markets with a monthly column. I like this part of Marc Faber's current column:
But how can a responsible central bank cut interest rates and pursue an expansionary monetary policy when the stock market is close to an all time high and when it is faced with a weak currency and soaring food and commodity prices?

'Only in America' one should say because the US-infected IMF and World Bank would advise any country under these conditions to 'tighten' monetary policies and to raise interest rates. But since the Fed's only objective today is to 'inflate' asset markets further at the expense of totally debasing the currency we need to look at a new currency as a 'unit of account' and as a 'store of value'. (continue reading)

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