Saturday, May 19, 2007

We'll bring the MBAT trophy home to London again

Last year, KV was the first to post that London Business School had won the MBAT trophy. This year, I will be even faster and I'm posting this before the tournament is even over.

I'm confident we're bringing home the trophy because this is what we have won so far:
1. 7k cross country run
2. Cricket
3. Salsa
4. Swimming
5. Women's Rugby
6. Tug of War :-)
7. Squash

We're also in the finals for tennis, basket ball and volleyball, and men's rugby tomorrow. Then we won several glorious 2nd places which are tough psychologically but still bring in points, such as in Chess, table tennis, women's football (my team -we gave our best but were beaten in the end by the IESE), mountain biking ...

So I will confirm tomorrow, but believe me,
London Business School students fought hard and absolutely ROCKED this weekend!! Our favourite word these days was "amazing". All the teams are amazing and giving their best. Another word was "civilians", but I will explain this later. We had fun!

Admits of 2009, start training hard, because we want to win again next year!


RusGirl said...

Woohoo! That's great! Go LON-DON!!!

Estebane said...

Hi Angel Angie,
I have been selected for interview (!!) and now I'm waiting for interviewer's contact details..
Could you tell me something about your interview?
In which language was it conducted?
Which questions were you asked?
How long did it take?
I would really appreciate..Thanks

Rahul said...

Congrats Angie. LBS did win it.

I have seen some pics at this site:

Do post the link if you have more pics

Anonymous said...

what happened to KV anyway?

lo-er said...

seeing your photos makes me even more excited on my way -> I will have my LBS interview tomorrow (though a little bit hopeless since 4th round) and will start waiting for the decision! Thanks for the interview tips by the way!