Friday, May 11, 2007

I resigned from my job today

Obviously, you and I knew what was coming, but now it is official and my company knows, too. I sent in my letter of resignation today. It's about time, because I'm starting my summer job with another company in London in 5 weeks already. Now I'm getting lots of administrative emails (I have to hand back my Blackberry, Laptop, mobile...) and also requests for meetings from some partners. I will go to Germany for a a few days at the beginning of June to sort everything out.

I am relieved now, because I can speak openly to everyone and start saying goodbye to people. Now that I'm thinking about whom I need to call, I realize just how many friends I made over the two years of the analyst program. I think I will dedicate a whole day just calling everyone, catching up and saying good bye. I have also received the invitation to join the alumni network already. The alumni network is big and powerful, the best ever, but it is weird to be "on the other side" now.

Just thought I'd share this with you.


Arun said...

Hi Angie,

Havent you alreay resigned from Mckinsey ? Werent you studying at LBS ?

angie said...

hi arun - yes i am studying, but I was still with them and was supposed to go back there and work with them over the summer. I was not allowed to do external summer internships. That is why I resigned, so I could try out something new.

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie,

I had the same question as Arun - but now that you clarified it makes sense.

I have been following your blog since quite some time and felt how much you didn't want to go back into consulting!

So good for you.. i guess, congrats!?!

Where are going for the summer job? I may have missed you blog where you talked about it.

enjoy yourself,