Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tick tock tick tock - the second year

Yes, I am still here, even though I don't write much anymore. There is just too much going on. As always I was hoping for a relaxing term but I have the ability to always end up doing lots of exciting things that keep me busy. The downside of this exciting life is that time is passing much too fast, the term is as good as over and there are now less than 4 months till the end of the MBA. It feels even less because lots of my friends are taking the summer term off to go traveling, so there are a lot of people now in the classroom who are finishing up.

I have been traveling a lot this term, working on a consulting project in the Scottish highlands, and going to Southeast Asia with three friends, I absolutely love Thailand!! I have been reading a lot this term, something I used to do a lot when I was younger and almost gave up while I was working at McKinsey, and now I am getting into the habit again, which is great. I have also just spend a few lovely days with my family in Hamburg, enjoying the great food and spending time with my grandmother and parents. Hamburg is such a great place to live and so cheap compared to London. No wonder it has won 3rd place as one of the best places to invest in for 2008 (along with Moscow and Istanbul) :-).

Now there is one week left of the spring term. I am working hard to finish up the consulting project for the Scottish tourism venture that I have mentioned before, and other than that really need to get started with my take home exam for time series analysis due on Monday. It was handed out 1 or 2 weeks ago but I just haven't had any time to even look at it so far. I also need to prepare for the Fixed Income exam next week, and since this is a course I have enjoyed a lot, the outcome is much more important to me, so I will need to prioritise my fixed income preparation over the rest for the next week.

On the side, I have also joined a team of classmates for our inter-school Tennis league, and we have won the first round, yay!! Playing Tennis in Regent's Park on a Friday morning is just something I need to enjoy as much as possible while I'm not working.

That's it for today, I will keep writing once I get all the exams and papers out of the way!

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Wasana said...


I'm glad to know that you love Thailand. I'm going back to Thailand as well around the end of this month.

Thanks for sharing your insight with us. Although we have never met before, I've learned a lot from you and from reading your blog.

Take a great care,