Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2nd part of the summer: commodities

Time is flying by like crazy. less than 4 weeks to go till the end of the summer internship! I have just started with the commodities group, who create investment and hedging products around all kinds of commodities. The people are great and the work is very interesting. I am trying to learn the pricing tools as fast as possible so I can understand more of what they do, but the products are very complex so progress is slow. Also, I have been given a project understanding the fundamentals of lots of regional crude oil grades, for which I am interviewing crude oil traders in Singapore and New York, I am learning a lot!! Never knew that WTI and Brent production are a joke compared to crude grades like Nigerian Bonny Light or Light Louisiana Sweet :-). I love it. The hours are even better than on my last desk, something like 8am to 7pm. Unfortunately that doesn't mean I get much sleep, because we have events every day. Trainings, dinners, lunches, speeches... I don't get to write on my blog much or keep in touch with anyone.

Then on the weekends I try to catch up with everyone and again I don't sleep :-).

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