Monday, April 09, 2007

Busy summer term ahead

Well, holidays are up and I better start blogging again, right? As Patxi pointed out, 1/3 of the MBA is already over, this is shocking! What has happened so far?

Autumn term:
  • immediately adjusted to living in London, where I have been dreaming of living since I was 13 (funnily enough, when I was back home over the holidays I found a very old diary of mine where I talk of how I want to spend the summer in London and would love to live there when I'm "old" :-) )
  • Made a lot of friends from all over the world
  • Enjoyed learning about Finance and Economics, as well as learning better how to analyze industries
  • Spent days and days agonizing over career choices
Spring term:
  • Decided I will definitely make a career change
  • Met many investment banks on campus and survived lots of interviews
  • Signed my contract for the summer with an ibank in London
  • Enjoyed Finance Class with Joao Cocco and pretty much suffered through all the rest
  • Celebrated the end of term at the Salsa & Sangria party when the exams were over
And the summer term ahead will be very busy...
  • Luckily, this is the last term of core courses. We have Macroeconomics, Operations, Marketing Strategy, and Management Accounting (whatever that is supposed to be)
  • I'll also take my first elective, Finance 2, which is focus on derivatives as far as I know
  • My study group is going on a trip to Barcelona to do research for our Organizational Behaviour project
  • We will visit Eastern German Porsche & BMW factories for our operations class
  • MBAT is coming up in May
So this should be enough to keep me busy over the next weeks. I also look forward to meeting the class of 2009 at admits weekend in a few weeks. I have been to some MBA info sessions here on campus so I have met a few applicants already, but in terms of admits so far I only know Rusgirl so far.


The Indian Alchemist said...

Hi Angie,

Thank you very much for the insights you have given on a consultant's job..I am an admitted student to Kelley MBA and wanted to do consulting. I am really thinking now what I want my life to be..

All the best for your stay at LBS and beyond..

IamAWinner said...

Hi Angie,

Great reading ur articles!!

I am applying for the R4 at LBS. I come from a consultng backgroung also, with a undergraduate and post graduate in Computer Science. I am looking at Finance as a career path.

Is there some way I can contact you and get more insight about LBS and the application process?

All the best
Gaurav Kataria
Mail me at: