Saturday, March 17, 2007

Going to... Chicago GSB!

The exchange results are out. I have a place at the University of Chicago! Though it will be sad to leave London for 3 months, I still think I will go for it! My main reasons to go for Chicago GSB were:

- the academic quality, particularly in Finance and Economics
- the opportunity to take electives at other departments - particularly, I hope to be able to take a course in International Relations with John Mearsheimer - I highly recommend his book "The Tragedy of Great Power Politics".
- it's a really beautiful city with great shopping and outdoor opportunities
- my sister lives there

... what more reasons do you need? If there are any readers here from Chicago GSB class of 2008, please get in touch! I have a lot of questions :-).


RusGirl said...

Great news and great school! Congratulations! :)

wince said...

That is very exciting! Congratulations Angie!

Poncho said...

Felicidades niƱa!!

Benny said...

I still had hope you would come to Tuck.

Sister said...

Why am I only the last reason to come to Chicago?? ;-)

Sister (of angelangie)

angie said...

sister, this was of course the first reason! but i like to keep my family life more or less private on this blog :-).