Thursday, December 28, 2006

1st anniversary of my blog

One year ago to this day (if I'm not mistaken - in any case I believe it was a few days after Xmas), I started this blog, not knowing where this would go. So I just wanted to wish my blog a happy 1st birthday :-).

I was inspired to start this mainly by the blogs of The Divine Miss N and Rusgirl, as I found them to be very helpful (whenever I didn't know how to do things, I would just copy their source code, paste it into my template and modify it a little bit :-) ). I think I was the first blogger of the class of 2008, though Moe almost beat me to it (his blog has sadly closed down since then due to some hacker attack). Then there was Wheels, who never showed up in our class and stopped blogging in June (though he did show up at admits weekend). Where are you?

Then there were Ellen, Jorge and FM, enthusiastic in the beginning but somewhat less once classes started. But of course, we are still a large group of active bloggers in our class, namely Patxi, Karlitos, VJ, Linda, and our recent addition, Genie! So the new admits should have plenty of resources here to find out about life in London and ask questions - congrats again, guys & girls! And this is just the class of 2008. Obviously, the veterans of the class of 2007 - Suzy, KV, Al and Myles, are also part of this happy family ;-).

Let me end on this happy note, I have enjoyed having this blog and getting to know more of you and so... expect me to continue :-).

Happy holidays and a happy new year!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to yuor blog, Angie!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st year blog birthday!

Anonymous said...

You surely deserve it as your blog has always been a great source about mba, lbs and fun!

Anonymous said...

Felicidades por tu blog y lo mejor para el 2007!


Anonymous said...

Happy B Day and happy New Year :)

Suzy said...

Happy 1st anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Congradulations, Angie!

Hope you're having fun during the break. See you soon...

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st B'day!
Your blog is very interesting and informative! =)

Anonymous said...

hi angie,

kindly note that the hyperlink to the 'investment managemen club' leads the surfer to a page that is no more available in the server.


Anonymous said...

wish you and your family a very very happy New Year.
pl keep writing and your blog is very informative and will be of immense use to future MBA applicants .
all the best

Marcelo Peralta said...

Hey Angie!

Happy BDay to your excellent blog!

and happy new year!!!

Meet you in june..

Marcelo (LBS, class of 2009)

angie said...

Thank you very much, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Angie, I think the recruiting is different.

Talking to a exchange student from LBS, he told me that the companies only start to go on campus on January...

For us, it's time for interviews, company briefings were help during Fall.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Angie! I am sure am :) Hope you had a blast on new Year !

Anonymous said...

happy bday to your blog!
it's been a great source of info....