Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pictures from Diwali party

A few weeks ago, some classmates of mine complained that I never post pictures of the class on my blog. Then I posted some pictures from Tatoo on my blog, and others came to me and complained why I had posted pictures of others but not of them on my blog! :-). So it sounds like there is demand for more (maybe not from the viewers, but from the objects ;-) ). In any case, I think even for applicants it's nice to have an idea of the MBA students of a school. So here are some uncommented pictures from the Indian Diwali party a few days ago...

Next post (hopefully tomorrow) on the Lehman Brothers Women Workshop in their Canary Wharf offices. It was a great and very insightful event so it is definitely worth posting more about it.


Anonymous said...

those are some cool snaps. keep posting ;)

Anonymous said...

glad to see the pictures on deepavali party; but i feel the pictures need to be little more shapr and clear than what they are now to enjoy the viewing;
keep writing ;
enjoy your writing and it also gives lot of info what is happening in LBS.
all the best to you.
from chennai, india

angie said...


actually they are small and bad quality on purpose, I don't want to expose anyone too much :-) and it also saves uploading time. so I usually compress them a lot before uploading.

ibanker said...

Hi angie,

I found your blog after searching for 'ibanking'. I really like a lot of what you have to say, and I think your advice regarding job-search and bschool admissions is both valid and informative. What won me over, however, is the fact that you favor the same bschools as I do; save the fact that I would choose Stanford and Kellogg over Tuck and Columbia.


AceNomad said...

Those are some cool snaps!!
I was talking to a LBS 2nd year student in NYC and she has lot of good things to say abt you and ur blog... keep up the good work!!