Thursday, September 28, 2006

Steering towards desaster

Business school life is very tempting. Every day, you get emails from people organising something. The mountaineering club organising trips to Wales, the surf club offering trips to Cornwall, the Latin Club announcing Salsa lessons, the Investment Management Club hosting a stock pitching contest, then every weekend there are house parties, house parties and more house parties. Right now I am very enthusiastic and am signing up for lots of interesting events
  • I signed up as a volunteer for the Women in Business conference hosted at the end of October. There will be panels about Microfinance, Success Factors and, above all, about my new favourite topic, Personal Wealth Management and Financial Planning (more on this topic to follow soon)
  • I formed a team of four to participate in the Venture Capital Investment Management competition, we are a great team and I hope we have time to do a good job, because I think we definitely have an edge
  • Yesterday we had great fun at the "girl's night out", about 70 female MBA2008s showed up and we had a great night, it was so nice to meet some more girls I hadn't met yet
  • Today is Sundowners - the first happy hour hosted by the school for staff and students including free drinks!
  • Today is also the club fair - where we can sign up to even more events
  • Tonight is also another house party in Swiss Cottage
  • Tomorrow we invited about 10 people for dinner - all the MBAs/MiF who live in our building
  • Saturday night is yet another house warming party
  • Sunday is the kickoff for the Women's Football club
  • ...
You get the idea! So far it's a lot of fun, though I suspect at some point this will all end in desaster :-). I will actually be a bit less busy than expected because I just found out they have canceled the Russian language course due to lack of demand. I am extremely upset about this, because I was determined to speak Russian by next summer. My last trip to Uzbekistan was great - but it would have been much better if I had been able to talk to people! So I am determined to learn Russian but now the issue is complicated. I might use next spring break to do an intensive course in St Petersburg.

Anyway, I'll keep myself busy. In case my frequency goes down, I am especially happy to announce a new MBA2008 blogger, Genie! Thanks, Rusgirl, for pointing me to her. As it happened, we have two Russian girls in our class and I didn't know which one Genie was, but I did find out last night at the girl's night out, so there is no blogger left "in hiding" now.


Genie in a bottle said...

Angie thanks a lot for introducing me... You're up to so many events and I'm just learning to be more sociable :-). Next week I'm going to Moscow, if you'd like I could bring you some textbooks for Russian.


RusGirl said...

Let me know when you'll go to St.Petersburg :) I like that city and might also join! :)

Oksie said...

I am a prospective LBS student, going through the application process. Fluent in Russian - so let me know if you need any help:)

Keep writing - great blog!

Benny said...

Haven't heard about the VCIC.. I think I will join, maybe we meet in the finals

mbayisyen said...

Hey Angie,
I actually had dinner at your ex-coworker´s. Really nice guy! IESE is great if only we had time to enjoy BCN! Got some more cases to read now. Ciao!