Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Off to London - on my own

I'm finally back from Switzerland and off to London tomorrow. My partner suddenly fell ill and we had to rebook his flight to Saturday. We have an increasingly weird history of never flying together. It is becoming eerie. In January, I was off on a business trip to Paris and we decided he'd join me privately to have a look at Paris, so we could at least spend the night together (at that time I had to fly to the US quite frequently). When we came to the airport, they had canceled the flight and somehow rebooked me but not him, so we couldn't go together, I had to go to Paris to my appointment and he stayed. When we went to Switzerland, we arrived at the airport 30min before take-off and it turned out he had left his passport at home. He joined me the same evening, taking advantage of the fast rail connection with Zurich. And now here we are, scheduled to take a one-way flight to London and, again, I'll go on my own.

No need to feel sorry though (at least not for me) because these coming days will be busy!
Thursday: collect student ID from LBS, visit estate agents to set up flat viewings, open up bank account with HSBC, view my first flat at 8pm, afterwards drinks at my sister's house in Fulham
Friday: wait for my UPS shipping to arrive, browse and call estate agents, go to pub in Maryleborne to meet with French undergrad friend
Saturday: follow Patxi's advice and walk around preferred areas for flathunting: Maryleborne, Maidavale, Bayswater (my friend's idea, according to him the greatest place to live in London, let's see!), pick up my partner from the airport, join my sister at a party of some German friends of hers

In addition to that, we have the flathunter's pub crawl coming up next week, we meet in a local pub EVERY WEEK DAY at 7 pm, so that will keep us busy, too. So, busy London life is approaching fast. I hope next time I post I have some good news from my flatsearch.


divinemissN said...

Hope you have a safe trip over!

PS Have you considered St John's Wood? Nice villagy feel to it, about 10 min walk to School and great shops.

Nick said...

Hi Angie. Just an advice from someone who has been there. Definitely prepare yourself before you take that all important photo for your ID card. Just be warned. That photo will follow you for life and will be your official likeness used for all school related purposes.