Thursday, February 09, 2006


I think among all those four items I had to list responding to the tag, there was one important category missing.

Four things I want to do over the next 5 years

  • Learn Karate. Karate has fascinated me for the last 15 years. Somehow I never got to do it because I was doing lots of other sports. I tried Taek Won Do for half a year but had to join an advanced course (it was the only one offered at my university) and it was too tough, I became frustrated. I still really want to learn Karate but I wonder am I too old to start at 27? I know I'll never be a blackbelt or karate star, but as long as I can defend myself I would be very happy
  • Get a driver's license. This is pretty embarassing. I just never took one. At the beginning, I just found it too expensive and I didn't really need one. Then I didn't have time. Then I was moving a lot, then I lived in the UK and didn't want to learn to drive "on the wrong side of the road" and now I'm away from home from Monday to Friday for my job and I REALLY don't want to spend my precious spare time on weekends taking driving lessons. But when I move to London I definitely need to get a driver's license
  • Start having children. This is something I cannot compromise on. I would reallly love to have children already but I know it will be difficult during the MBA and also straight after that. I don't thing starting an investment banking career just when you're about to have a child is good, neither for the baby nor for your career. So I have to wait a few years but I definitely won't wait more than 5 years so that's the most important thing I'll do, no matter what (FYI: I have already found the perfect future father so that's not going to be a problem ;-) ).
  • Play the guitar. Another thing I hope to be picking up at business school. As a child, I played the piano for 9 years. Then I played the guitar for five years. I even had a Fender electrical guitar. Unfortunately I was too lazy to practice and ended up giving the guitar to my cousin when I was 20 or so. This Christmas, my mother gave me an acoustic guitar so I could start playing again on the weekends to relax. A month has passed and I still haven't played the guitar even once. It's embarrassing. I really hope I'll start playing soon. It would be great to have a flatmate who plays the guitar so he/she could teach me some thing and we could play together, maybe I would overcome my lazyness.
Those are my wishes for today, over the next days I have to give more application advice as it seems that R2 applicants have been invited for interviews and R3 deadline is coming up soon. Regarding the R2 applicants I am quite sad today. I have a very good friend and colleague who applied in R2 and I really wished she would be my classmate but she hasn't been invited for an interview and has been asked to reapply. She has the most impressive profile ever but only 1 year of work experience. It's sad the work experience requirements are so strict. I can understand you can be sceptical about someone's leadership skills when they are 20, but in the interest of diversity why not take one person like that into your class, because she is not going to reapply, she'll just end up going to another business school this year. So that's very sad.


Wheels said...

That's too bad about your friend! LBS places a whole lot of emphasis on work experience (I think a minimum of 2-3 years).

futureguru said...

Thanks for your wishes...I have my fingers crossed ! :)

Benny said...

Hi! could you tell us more about your LBS visit experience?

angie said...

Hey Benny,

I haven't visited LBS officially, though I often walked past it when I was in London strolling around Regent's Park and St John's Wood.

I will be in London next weekend though and meet some of my future class mates for the first time, so I'll definitely talk about that! For details of an LBS visit, definitely have a look at rusgirl's blog!

LBSwannabe said...

Hi Angel angie...I got the impression that u had about one and a half yrs of work experience prior to applying for that right?

The thing is...I'll have about 1.5yrs experience by the time I send my application off for the 2009 class (starting in 2007) and Im kind worried that this will be a problem.

angie said...

Hi lbswannabe... I think 2 years at the start of LBS (so 1-1 1/2 years at application) is the absolute minimum at LBS. And I think it needs to be from a big name (Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, McKinsey or something like that). As I mentioned I have a friend who was rejected by LBS despite excellent credentials because she would have had only 1 to 1.5 years at the start of the program. She's been accepted to Cambridge though so I think Cambridge and Oxford are less strict in terms of work experience. So I think it is a problem unless your working at a very well known company, otherwise it's certainly better to have at least 3 years experience.